Powassan Smoke 'N' Spurs Festival

It is with much disappointment, but after careful consultation, risk assessments and budgeting strategies that we announce the cancellation of the Smoke ‘N’ Spurs Festival.
COVID sadly remains that gigantic elephant in the room… and, already talks of the likelihood of fall restrictions, it makes it very difficult to know where we will be in September, and very difficult to plan for a fall event.
It takes a year to plan for the festival, so putting it together in a few months has come with some concerns in these stages of planning.
The Smoke ‘N’ Spurs Festival is an outdoor event, but without all mandates, restrictions and emergency orders being completely lifted it is impossible to prepare for the regulations that “in all probability” will be coming which affect crowd capacity, ticket sales, sponsorship, etc.
On top of possible future mandate and restriction concerns are the increasing prices for rentals, insurance, fuel, supply chain issues, volunteer shortages, etc.
The organizers don’t feel right reaching out to sponsors, putting further burdens on them after the restrictions and lockdowns they have endured the last two years.
We apologize to all our supporters, sponsors and event producers.
We ask anyone who has prepaid to contact us at smokenspurs@gmail.com for information and details concerning refunds.


Vendor Information:

The Smoke 'N' Spurs Festival is currently accepting vendor applications.  If you wish to receive further information please do not hesitate to ask or you are invited to check out our Facebook page and drop up a line there.

Vendors Supply own table / chairs

10 x 10 Covered Unit - - This option is in the Smoke 'N' Spurs Vendor Unit

Vendors Supply Their Own Tent / Table / Chairs

10 x 10 Field Area                             10 x 30 Field Area

10 x 20 Field Area                             10 x 40 Field Area

We anticipate having 5500+ people in attendance so your participation is sure to be a success.  If you are interested, please contact us at smokenspurs@gmail.com and we will be happy to assist you!


We would be delighted if you could share in our enthusiasm for the continued success of the Smoke 'N' Spurs Festival.  Without the support and dedication we receive for this event it would not be possible. 

If there should be any questions, please do not hesitate to ask please feel free to contact us at smokenspurs@gmail.com, or you are invited to check out our Facebook page and drop us a line there.


We want to acknoledge and thank all of our sponsors and partners that have committed to assisting us with the productions of the Smoke 'N' Spurs Festival.  We honestly could not do it without your help.

THANK YOU for making the Smoke 'N' Spurs festival a success!